Bring your Climate Action Plan into one place, simulate & compare ideas, identify cost savings and optimise efficiency.

- Are you challenged by your customers to show a plan to meet Science Based Targets for the climate transition?
- Is collaboration between sustainability, innovation, R&D, finance, sales and procurement, customers & suppliers challenging?
- Do you find it difficult to identify and prioritise financially viable climate solutions for your 2030 goals?

Unibloom simplifies & connect complex climate & financial data, making it easy for everyone in your organisation to understand and calculate projects & ideas future impact towards targets.

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Ida Ljungkvist

«Unibloom’s platform identifies a significant gap that we currently face between target setting, planning for target execution and investments needed».

Ida Ljungkvist

Sustainability Director at Scandi Standard

Carina Jönsson

«Unibloom’s platform supports in visualising gaps, scenario plan and calculate forecasts to reach Science Based Targets. Investments needed for the climate journey are also visualised and gives the organisation input for decisions»

Carina Jönsson

Group HSE Director, at Cloetta (Nasdaq listed Confectionary Company)

Clara Tomlin

"Unibloom’s platform will help us support the transparency we aim for with our customers, leadership & investors related to decarbonisation and provide the overview that we are lacking today.”

Clara Tomlin

GoodPop’s Director of Brand Impact

Why Unibloom?

Identify innovative cost effective solutions by  integrate sustainability into operations

Only 4% of 23,000 corporates (CDP) have a financed climate action plan integrated into their operations, and 50,000 companies are preparing for new CSRD regulations which require target setting, actions and integration with financials and business impact. Most sustainability and finance teams are overwhelmed by climate reporting, constantly changing regulations, new customer requirements, spreadsheet planning, and data validation, struggling to identify & visualise optimal solutions with clear cost and business benefits.

Bridge the gap between commitment and action with Unibloom - forward looking, science based and scenario model cost and climate impact in minutes with integrated workflows. Gain confidence in your investment decisions and meet long-term climate targets by integrating sustainability into everyday business and investment strategies.


Align all teams

Inspire & engage your teams to model and implement crucial climate projects to meet SBTi, water, waste, and circular requirements effectively


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Strategic decision making

Make data-driven choices with automated impact assessments that visualise project scenarios, cost implications and potential risks.



Optimise climate projects & investments

Identify the most impactful projects with cost-benefit analysis, prioritising resource allocation for maximum climate impact.


Progress Tracking in Unibloom App

Track progress and achieve targets

Promotes accountability, empowering teams to impact climate strategy like SBTi commitments. Easily track progress and individual contributions for better decision-making on sustainability goals.



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High standard of data security & calculations from science & GHG protocol

Loved & trusted by customer & partners


Can I integrate with other systems?

We offer integrations with your financial systems, carbon accounting systems or upload easily in "bulk" from your spread sheets.

Can we plan for more than just emission reduction targets?

Yes - we will cover waste, water, circularity, deforestation and social impact also balanced with cost and financial risks and impact.

How is this different from a carbon account software?

Your carbon accounting systems, your internal calculations for GHG baseline or an external consultant are needed to help you in depth to understand your baseline footprint. It is important to understand where you are, which your key hotspots areas are and what has happened in the past. Those systems accounting the past are primarily done for siloed reporting to everything from GRI, TNFD or CSRD and usually solely owned by the sustainability and potentially the financial team.

However, Unibloom offers a forward looking, collaborative climate action platform for all teams, even non-climate experts, to identify internally the optimal climate projects to reduce emissions & resources, save cost & optimise the financial investments towards your long term climate targets. It helps all teams to understand their impact towards the goals, and adapt when resources and budget change and offer a non-climate language which helps each team to scenario plan, simulate and identify industry or company best practice projects or find new ideas in our system when they don't know what to do. 

Leave inaccurate excel, power points & 100's of emails behind. Get all action into one place and scenario plan across both climate & cost for each project you are considering to drive business growth, meet regulations or customer demands or cost savings.

How long does the onboarding takes?

The onboarding takes maximum a week, depending on what GHG emission baseline data you have, if it is in excel or in a carbon accounting system or if you haven't done it at all.

If you haven't done the baseline calculations yet, we connect you with either one of our recommended consultants in our network or with one of the carbon accounting platforms which digitise the journey.

The platform is intuitive and build for non- climate technical people across all departments, and we offer monthly support to up-skill your teams to leverage data-driven insights for better evaluate different pathways towards your long term climate & business targets.

How much does the platform cost?

The cost depends on how many modules you sign up for, which integrations and data sources you need and how many departments you want to give access to the platform.

We have also different offers depending on if you are a SME or larger enterprise. Contact us and we look at where you are and what you need, before we give you on offer. But it's really worth to try us out!