US-based ice-cream & beverage company GoodPop signs with Unibloom

GoodPop, makers of better-for-you frozen pops and bubbly beverages, builds upon its mission to take care of its partners and the planet through its new partnership with Unibloom, a climate action platform. This partnership enables GoodPop to improve its practices through collaboration across all departments in one place & optimise climate decarbonisation, investments & resources towards sustainable business growth, everyday.

Initiatives like renewable energy investments, energy savings, ingredient sourcing and new packaging solutions will be brought into the Unibloom simulation, scenario planning & collaboration tool to deliver upon GoodPop's commitments as a B Corp and also their climate ambitions to 2030.

They signed up for the platform at a time when many consumer goods companies, with limited resources, pressure on cost and budget & demand on continues growth, face increased pressure from big customers and investors. They demand transparent progress, investment and actions updates, on the climate commitments,

As a customer, GoodPop’ sustainability team and cross functional teams in various operational functions, will leverage Unibloom as a collaborative operational predictive platform for scenario modeling and identify gaps, prioritise resources and budget, plan projects and track progress versus climate & business commitments over time.

They will use it as a tool to automate impact calculations and visualise complex climate projects, to make it easy for decision makers to understand future impact, in minutes.

With Unibloom, GoodPop can make future-proofing continuous improvements towards targets, across operations. The platform will be rolled out across the company after they have finalised their baseline emission data with Consciam, a carbon accounting firm, into relevant operational teams for integration, collaboration and accountability.

GoodPop’s Director of Brand Impact, Clara Tomlin: "We look forward to better plan & adapt to a constantly changing future with pathways and scenarios to meet our climate targets, including investments needed across the whole organisation. Unibloom’s platform will help us support the transparency we aim for with our customers, leadership & investors related to decarbonisation and provide the overview that we are lacking today”.

Unibloom's CEO, Anna Sandgren: "I am impressed by how seriously Clara& GoodPop team takes the B Corp & future climate commitments. Only 4 % of 23 000 companies have credible financed transition plans towards committed climate targets to 2030. GoodPop will be among those pioneers. We are proud to empower them with a predictive collaborative platform so they can make decisions and allocate capital and resources, with confidence, everyday. "

Unibloom's predictive platform brings GoodPop’s climate plans to life and integrates it into daily operations for full accountability. It combines climate and financial analysis, scenario modeling, and predictive visualizations, empowering leadership to accelerate investments, make confident decisions, engage the organization, and save months of valuable time otherwise lost in 100s of spreadsheets and emails.

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